Advanced Mode — Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Advanced mode?

A. The Advanced mode is identical to the Standard mode, with one exception.  For certain root notes, the perfect 4th interval (1-4), suspended 2nd chord (1-2-5), and suspended 4th chord (1-4-5) are undefined in the Standard mode.  For such undefined key combinations in the Advanced mode, the notes of one or more pressed keys are automatically adjusted plus or minus one semitone to form the desired interval/chord.  The displayed labels of these modified keys will have an asterisk (*) appended before and after the resulting note to indicate that it resides outside of the currently selected musical key, and the displayed interval/chord will have an at sign (@) preceding its name to indicate that it uses one or more notes that reside outside of the currently selected musical key.

Q. How do I toggle the Advanced mode ON and OFF?

A. Make sure that the Song mode is OFF (either Song button will NOT be shown or Song button color will be White) and that the Chord mode is OFF (Chord button color will be White). Then double-tap the Adv button to toggle the Advanced mode ON (Adv button color changes from White to Blue) and OFF (Adv button color changes from Blue to White).