About This Website

Having navigated to this website, you are likely already aware of the basic features of the Verti-Chord Keyboard app, namely, that it provides three octaves of full-sized piano keys onscreen at any given time, where the vertical placement of the thumb on the leftmost key determines, not only the note played by the leftmost key, but also the notes played by the remaining keys, all in real time, and in a manner consistent with that same sequence of keys being played on a piano keyboard.

As the inventor of the Verti-Chord Keyboard, I am aware that there are also numerous advanced features built into this app, which may not be obvious to a casual user, so rather than require you to search through pages upon pages of documentation to uncover these features, I will use the BLOG page of this website to bring them to your attention.

In addition to our BLOG page, we also have multiple FAQ pages, each of which contains information, either specific to one of the Verti-Chord Keyboard functional modes, or general to its operation.

If you still cannot find the information you may require, please visit our CONTACT page and submit your question directly to our Support Team.

Good luck. — GARYs Parries